We donate to TREE AID and are very proud to donate to such a fantastic charity. You will see the TREE AID logo on the back of our Timbergrams and can find their website here – 

TREE AID works in Africa’s drylands to help villagers unlock the potential of trees to fight poverty and protect the environment. For thousands of families living in some of the poorest countries in the world, trees are making the difference between poverty and prosperity every day.

TREE AID trains village farmers to use trees in their fields to grow more crops. Trees provide shade from the scorching 40˚ heat, feed the soil with their leaves, keep water in the earth and slow down winds which prevents erosion.  TREE AID has supported villagers to plant over 9 million trees across the drylands, with many millions more trees protected.

Trees grow food: fruit, nuts, leaves and seeds all provide vital nutrition to help plug the ‘hungry gap’ between harvests (when families only have enough food for one small meal a day) – sometimes this can last as long as 5 months each year. TREE AID teaches villagers to grow, harvest, store and cook tree foods for optimum nutrition – and has reduced the hungry gap to just two months a year in communities in Burkina Faso.

Trees mean income: selling things that grow on trees means independent income for village women. Soap, shea butter, and honey all rely on trees. TREE AID has supported over 6,000 ‘village tree entrepreneurs’ – 70% of whom are women – to establish sustainable businesses that place value on healthy trees and best use of their produce.

In Africa’s drylands trees mean life. 


We have a lovely Timbergram range produced by Harriet de Winton, 10p from the sale of each Timbergram goes directly to TreeAid.