Girl You’ll Move Mountains Timbergram Wall Art


This is a great A3 art print. It can be hung straight on the wall or popped on a shelf or mantlepiece.

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Sarah Marsh currently living in Canada and creating art in a variety of mediums. I have used oil, acrylic for larger pieces and I’m now branching out into watercolor and digital art. A lover of vibrant colors, florals and pugs (that threw you off didn’t it?!) I hope you enjoy my art just as much as I do creating it.

Made from sustainable timber, our wall art offers a unique alternative to regular prints. Vibrant colours are printed directly to the surface of the wood, allowing the natural colour and texture of the material to show through each design.

Each piece of wall art has a small hole on the back so you can hang from a small pin in the wall. 

We work closely with Tree Aid, aiming to plant trees and support communities in Africa through the sale of each Timbergram product. 


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Dimensions 29.7 × 42 × 0.6 cm